BSA's purpose is certainly to teach our students strong academic contents... 

In order for the children to acquire firm command of the common fundamental knowledge and skills we aim at:

  • providing each child with tailored instruction adapted to its pace of learning;

  • go in depth into the subjects of the National Education Program;

  • enrich the children's academic curriculum and basic knowledge 

  • ​offer English lessons with native teachers starting from the first year of Nursery, including sport and discovery of the world.

What is English Immersion?

Language immersion is an approach to foreign language instruction in which the usual curricular activities are conducted in a foreign language. This means that the new language is the medium of instruction as well as the object of instruction. At Brightside Academy, teachers are native English speakers and students acquire the necessary language skills to understand and communicate about the subject matter set out in the school's program of instruction. 

Our dual language immersion program places emphasis on both French and English. The educational environment in the English Immersion & Bilingual Program would be identified as an “additive bilingual” language learning environment in that students acquire a second language (English) without any negative impact on their first language (French) development. 

Why Bilingual?

Research has shown that early exposure to a second language has positive and lasting benefits. Evidence suggests that children who receive second language instruction are more creative and better at solving complex problems. Studying a second language can also enhance understanding of English-language structure and vocabulary, and correlates to high academic achievement.


Whether you want to prepare your child for English Immersion, or simply want to provide him or her with the lasting benefits of an early exposure to a second or third language, Brightside Academy offers a proven, fun and natural approach to language learning. 

"We are rediscovering music and famous English songs, thanks to you! We listen to them almost every day, singing along with my daughters! " - father of two girls , Annecy 74